Time to Make Winter Reservations!


Stokely’s busy summer is winding down. Fall with all its beautiful colors is just beginning. Kim and her great team hosted weddings and Crank the Shield, and coming soon is the Ultra Marathon.

Richard worked tirelessly on the square timber construction of Norm’s Cabin.

After 20 years of working at Stokely Richard is retiring. You see his handy work wherever you look. He mostly enjoyed building things like the Stokely Lake Cabin, Norms, Haken Lein, and the Cedar Tree Suite, just to name a few. He was the mechanic who kept those important grooming machines working. Thank you Richard for your years of service.

Alex has been with Stokely for over 30 years. Chuck hired him at the beginning when he was developing Stokely’s trail system. He is the one who keeps the trails perfectly groomed in the winter and maintained in the summer.

Michael has been a great addition to our team. He overhauled our antiquated water system to make it more efficient. He also replaced the roof on the PK to stop the winter ice leaks.

This winter you will hear all about our exciting plans to expand Stokely for a variety of new off-season activities.

Now it is time to think about Winter! Kim and Jamie are sending out winter reservation reminders. You can call the office at 705-649-3421 or 866-Stokely.


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